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  • To enter Nigeria as a US Citizen, you must have an original, signed passport, valid for 6 months beyond stay in Nigeria.


  • All travelers are required to apply for a Nigerian visa prior to arriving in Nigeria. Visas can be obtained in person or by mail at the Nigerian consulates in all countries.

  • For USA Passport holders, the Visa fee is $160.00 plus postage.

  • Visas must be secured no later than 30 days prior to departing via the Nigerian Consulate.

  •  You may review the consulates website:


  • All persons entering Nigeria are recommended to have a valid certificate of immunization against Yellow Fever and Polio.

  • The vaccination should be taken at least 10 days prior to entry and should be renewed every 10 years.

  • For Malaria, talk to your doctor about how to prevent malaria while traveling. You may need to take prescription medicine before, during, and after your trip to prevent malaria.


  • The average weather in August in Nigeria, daily high temperatures are around 82°F, rarely falling below 79°F or exceeding 84°F. August is when the dry season falls. The climate is tropical in Osogbo. The summers have much more rainfall. Nigeria's seasons are determined by rainfall with rainy season and dry season being major seasons.


  • Nigeria is a multilingual country in which about 650 languages are spoken. Of these, English, which was inherited from the colonial era, is the official language.


  • Do be prepared to leave a tip when receiving a service in Nigeria. It is not protocol, but generally a tip is expected and always appreciated.


  • It is recommended to dress conservatively when visiting Nigeria, especially in more rural areas.

    • Women should avoid wearing revealing clothing, rip jeans and it is considered respectful to cover your shoulders and knees.

    • Men should dress well, avoid wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts or showing their underwear.

  • It is also important to consider the weather and dress appropriately for the heat, humidity and cool weather.

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