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Keeping the "African Spirit" alive in the Arts

Some of the places that we'll visit

"Point of No Return" Badagry, Lagos

The Point of No Return in Badagry, Lagos is a historical landmark that was once a slave trade route. It marks the spot where African slaves were shipped off to the Americas during the transatlantic slave trade.

DSCF0961 slave drinking pot

The potion that slaves were forced to drink before crossing the Atlantic was meant to erase their memories and break their spirits, allowing them to be easily controlled by their captors. This cruel practice robbed these individuals of their identities and cultural heritage, making it difficult for them to reclaim their lives and reconnect with their families and communities. The Point of No Return and the memory-erasing potion are powerful symbols of the inhumanity of slavery and the importance of remembering and honoring the experiences of those who suffered under it.

Today, the site serves as a memorial to the victims of slavery and a reminder of the atrocities of the past. Visitors can explore the museum, view artifacts and learn about the history of the slave trade in Nigeria. It's a must-see for anyone interested in African history and culture.

Hip Hop Health and Wellness Half Marathon 5k/10k run

Our course will wind through the ancient city of Osogbo, passing by historically important landmarks, local communities and finishing in Osogbo stadium!


The course will be filled with music and original art pieces from featured artists throughout the Diaspora, with a theme that will be announced soon. 


In celebration of Hip Hops 50th anniversary,  we will be hosting a Hip hop Health and Wellness half marathon 5k/10k run in the beautiful city of Osogbo Nigeria!

Our stage will be a mashup of national and international artists from around the diaspora!


Our goal is to unite through music and to showcase the world's Hiphop talent.


We will be paying respect and homage to our host countries artists with a special set of all Nigerian based Hip hop! 


The festival will be live with activities, vibrant colors, great food and opportunity to learn and network. 


More details coming soon!

Osun Osogbo Festival

Osun Fest people
Culture Hair

The Osun Osogbo Festival is an annual event that takes place in Osogbo, Nigeria. It is typically attended by thousands of people from all over the country and beyond. The festival celebrates the Yoruba deity Osun, who is the deity of fertility and prosperity. During the festival, people engage in a variety of activities such as traditional music and dance performances, parades, and traditional ceremonies. 


 There is also a grand finale where the Yoruba king and his entourage come to pay homage to Osun. The festival is also a time for people to share their culture and customs with the wider community. This festival is a beautiful celebration of the Yoruba culture and is an important part of the heritage of Osogbo.

Ile Ife 
"The Cradle of Civilization"


Ile-Ife, a city in southwestern Nigeria, is believed by the Yoruba people to be the place where the world began. It is considered to be the ancestral home of the Yoruba people and a significant cultural and historic site in Africa. Ile Ife is a city steeped in rich cultural and historical significance. It boasts a vibrant traditional heritage that is sure to captivate any tourist. From the striking bronze sculptures at the Ife Museum to the impressive architecture of the Ooni's Palace, visitors can immerse themselves in the city's fascinating history. Additionally, the bustling markets and colorful festivals provide a glimpse into the everyday life of the people of Ile Ife. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Ile Ife is a must-see destination for any traveler interested in exploring Nigeria's rich cultural heritage.





Peace and International Understanding Conferences - a unique series of events that brings together the minds of industry leaders, experts and professionals in the fields of culture, business, wellness and Afrofuturism. The conferences will provide opportunity to gain insight into African Traditional wisdom, the latest Nigerian trends, and local developments. Individuals will be able to discover investment opportunities and improve upon their personal wellbeing as we plan to contribute to a peaceful and better future for us all.


Investment Conferences

Our 2 days Investment Conference will be a bustling hub of activity, filled with energetic entrepreneurs and savvy investors looking to make their next big move. Entrepreneurs will showcase their ideas, explain their business models and have an opportunity to convince investors of their potential for success. Investors who attend these conferences to scout for businesses will find businesses with high growth potential that they can invest in. By attending these conferences, both parties will have the opportunity to network, learn from each other and potentially establish long-term business relationships. 


& Build

The Investment conference will also serve as an incubator for budding startups and business who need an additional infusion of capital  in order to increase their capacity providing a supportive environment where ideas can be born, nurtured, and refined. From keynote speeches to panel discussions, attendees are treated to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, all geared towards helping them achieve their goals. With so many talented and motivated individuals in one place, the possibilities are endless.

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