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Tour Nigeria 2023

Reclaim yourself this August with The Return Of The Ancestors (TM) Tours

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Welcome! The Return of The Ancestors (TM) 2023 is excited to bring to you the most unique travel package to Nigeria. Reclaim yourself as you enjoy a welcome ceremony at the Point of No Return in Badagry, Lagos, Visit Nigerian Kings and Royal Courts, witness the magnificence of the Osun Festival, celebrate Hip Hop with the Hip Hop Half Marathon or the 10k or 5k run, dance the night away at an international Hip Hop concert, supercharge your business at our business and investment forums, unlock your potentials through an ancient Nigerian process, walk through historic sites, improve your body temple at our Health and Wellness forums, enjoy cultural festivals that ignite your cell memory, let your creative imagination be sharpened by our Afrofuturism lectures, shop unique items, enjoy traditional Nigerian cuisines and so much more. We have something for everyone. Our packages are designed to give you the best value and provide unforgettable experiences.

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