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About Us

The New York African Chorus Ensemble, Inc., Diamond Minds, Endless Roar Tourism and Trade Alliance Ltd, and Healing Teaching Tourism Temple of African Faith and other notable individuals have come together to create a project that will facilitate the visit to Nigeria by an expected 3000 diaspora Africans in 2023.



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The New York African Chorus Ensemble, Inc. (NYACE) is a nonprofit organization founded by Joyce Adewumi to contribute to the diversity of NYC's vibrant cultural life and to employ the arts as a tool to foster greater understanding between people of diverse cultures. Our programs are open to all people, regardless of age, race, ethnic, or religious background.

There is a lack of knowledge about Africa. Therefore, our organization promotes African art forms and organizes tours to Africa.

NYACE presents conferences, workshops, seminars and festivals that provide a forum for an international sharing and exchange of ideas and opportunities so that negative stereotypes that may lead to discrimination and/or violence are eradicated.

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Diamond Minds was established in 2012 as a Community Based Organization. Diamond Minds specializes in creating unique events and programs that stimulate growth, education, wellness and forward thinking.

Healing Teaching and Tourism Temple of African Faith

The Healing, Teaching, Tourism Temple of African Faith (HATTAF) is an international temple founded by His  Imperial Spiritual Majesty  Dr. Ifagbenusola Atanda to promote and propagate Yoruba indigenous African faith, spirituality and culture. With temples in Nigeria, Britain, Mexico, and the United States, HATTAF organizes initiations, workshops, seminars, nature veneration ceremonies and tours to Nigeria. HATTAF promotes the principles of Excellence, Empowerment, Restoration and Healing, through the wisdom of God contained in the Odus (encyclopedia of creation) for personal achievement naturally and spiritually. HATTAF offers a renewed sense of hope to those who are lost and hurting.

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Endless Roar Tourism Trade Alliance Ltd., through its international network, facilitates trade and tourism in Nigeria.

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