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Arts and Culture

From Kings to Carvers, from Lagos to Finland, you will find

people of African descendant either preserving ancient knowledge or applying ancient wisdom toward the goal of continuous innovations. Discover the trend setters in traditional and contemporary music, dance, visual and plastic arts, experiential media and much more.

African Cosmology

To understand African music, dances, festival, etc., one must understand African traditional view of the relationship between human beings and the universe. We are pleased to welcome Chief Dr. Sola Atanda, musical artists, professors and other industry leaders who will be sharing amazing information about people of African descent that are often omitted from books.


Supercharge your business at our business and investment forums, unlock your potentials through an ancient Nigerian process, improve your body temple at our Health and Wellness forums, and let your creative imagination be sharpened by our Afrofuturism lectures.

Topical Issues

Our own version of “Hot Topics”, we will occasionally

present discussions related to important events or issues that are trending and of great importance.

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